5 Blogging Mistakes Made By Newbie That Can Hurt Your Blog Traffic

Starting a new blog is exciting; being a Blogger sounds cool; everyone thinks that you begin to write random things on any platform, and you are done. Is it that easy? It looks simple, but not as it seems. 

There is a wrong myth that all bloggers are making money and this is the easiest profession anyone can pursue.there is too much competition, if you want your blog stand out from others you need to consider many things before you launch it.

Blogging needs hard work, passion and online research tactics, and endless working hours. Thus, you need to consider many things and tricks when you are about to publish your first post. You should focus on high-quality content and keywords that can generate traffic. If you fail to follow some basic rules, your blog will suffer. 

So let's see which are common and silly mistakes made by newbies?  

Selecting The Wrong Niche

Choosing the wrong category can cost you too much, and this is a silly mistake made by bloggers to select the wrong category. For example, if you are about to start a blog in business, and selected food category. 

This will cost you more, and it will take time to rank. Your efforts will go to waste by selecting the wrong niche.

Choosing The Wrong Keyword 

It is all about keywords. Whether it is marketing, blog, or SEO, selecting the wrong keywords won't give you better performance. If you don't choose specific keywords for your blog, then the result will be quite disappointing. 

There are some free keyword research tools we have like: google keyword planner, Moz keyword research tool, and SEMrush

Not only for blogs but if you tend to develop an application, consult and hire ios developer who can help you to suggest some keywords for your business.

Keyword Stuffing 

There is a myth among digital marketers that more keywords mean quick results. You will lose your readability if Google finds keyword stuffing. 

If you use the same keyword 3-4 times, Google will consider that you are spamming and won't crawl it anymore.

Avoid keyword stuffing and publish relevant content that can add value to your blog post and generate more traffic.

Publishing Duplicate Content  

With the wide usability of the internet, we are overloaded with the information, and GenZ likes to surf fresh content. Your blog value will be zero if you deliver duplicate and massy content. It will not be helpful to you to create your brand, and people won't notice it anymore.

Duplicate content doesn't entertain the users, instead of trying to deliver precise and fresh content with better image quality, it will work.

Slow Website Increase Bounce Rate 

We love to surf sites that load quickly. There are many testing tools available online; you should try and check it before publishing your blog. 

If your blog is having too many images and videos, fix them will tools and try to decrease the loading time. People won't stick to your website if it takes too much loading time on mobile or desktop.

An average person will not wait for a website or blog that takes more than 4 seconds to load. So fix this error with some speed test tools for better rank.


Work on these mistakes and try to fix it as soon as possible. Entertain your audience with well-crafted posts and apply some tools for better search engine rank. That is the only way you will become a master of this game.

smithjohnson • 2020 Mar 13

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